Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Photog's Choice - Food

Since I got my wisdom teeth pulled this weekend, I decided to photograph the wonderful meals I got to eat during my recovery!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Photo Essay: Cat Cafe

The Lead Photos

At Purrington's Cat Cafe, every cat gets attentions and is equally loved. The employees treat the cats as if they are their own, and so to the customers who come in. People and families come all over just to play with the cats in the cafe, no matter how old they are.

Just like any other cat, the cats in the cafe didn't seem to care about me photographing them. Some cats went along and continued to lick themselves, without every acknowledging me--not surprised!

The Scene
There were strict rules that visitors had to follow when entering the cafe. You could not: pick up cats without permission, be ungentle with the cats, and pet cats that are sleeping. There was an employee watching at all times, making sure that the rules are being followed.

Fun designs and toys were placed all throughout the cafe. It created a fun environment for the cats and it felt more like home compared to being in a cage. You can order drinks and bring it into where the cats are, but you could not eat food in the room with the cats. The mural by Cathy Libnic, Hector Sanchez, and Lance Lovett.

The Portraits
This is Timmy the super soft male domestic medium hair mix. He is tolerant, a "purr machine," and is very curious. Timmy is currently on hold for adoption.

Every week, new cats would be rotated in, so they get as many cats as they can to have their fair share of playtime in the cafe. Each week, there are 8-10 different cats in the shelter.
The Detail Photos
Half of the cats were very relaxed and loved to look out of the big window that overlooked the street. Unlike the at the shelter, the cats weren't stressed out and in a confined small cage.

When the cats wants to get away from people and be more to themselves, there are plenty of high places where they can escape to within the Cat Cafe. There is even a separate room that they can go into to get completely away, and they can come and go whenever they like.

The Close-up Photos
All of the cats seemed to be happy and overjoyed with having interaction with people and other cats. There were plenty of toys to play with within the cafe, and the cats would get fed by the employees. This little kitty was the youngest and the smallest cat in the cafe!

At Purrington's Cat Cafe, you could also do yoga with the cats! "More than a novelty, yoga with cats is about joy, mixing energy, and making it easier to light the fire of compassion.  During each session the asana, or active part of practice, will span one hour.  The remaining 30 minutes of class will allow practitioners to find their meditative seat and/or spend time to simply enjoy sharing space and playing with the cats.  Class is open to beginners and more advanced practitioners, as instructors will always format class so that it is accessible and enjoyable for all" (Purringtons).

The Signature Photos
Purrington's Cat Cafe is a place that anyone can come to hang out with adoptable cats, whether or not you are looking into adopting a cat or not. This place is great because, unlike at a shelter, you can get more one on one time with the cats and interact with all of them for however long you'd like.

This is Sibby the male domestic short hair mixed cat. He is a pretty pudgy kitty and is curious, very friendly, outgoing, and is currently on hold.

Most of the cats were very friendly with each other, like Timmy (top left) and Sibby (bottom right). Only cats that were social and allowed to be around other people would be able to be in the Cat Cafe. Other cats would stay at the shelter.

The Clinchers
In 2016, "3,220 cats came into the Cat Adoption Team", and out of those who came in, "3,194 cats went to loving homes" (CAT).  The life release rate at cat adoption team is 99.6% (CAT).

This is Mariola (Mary) the female domestic short haired cat. She is affectionate, easy to handle, and very playful. Mary also only has one eye, and she is currently on hold for adoption.